Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

Finally building recording studio….. by Domination

After 19 years of producing/recording and make 4 make shift studios at places I lived at, I finally have a space where I can build a recording studio that is exact to specs (Golden Ratio 1 X 1.14 X 1.39) , electrical demands (separate circuit breaker), and sound proofing (double walls, studio foam, and bass traps).

I started producing music in my room at my parents house during the year of 1992 where I bought a 7 channel gemini mixer with an 8 second sampler.  The other equipment I had at the time where mix matched turntables, pioneer and technics 1600’s, a cd player, and a cassette deck.    Ghozt aka Entity and Domination aka Tiamatt, began recording hiphop music but with a bit of an abstract, bass heavy, edgy electronic sound to it.  It was no surprise since my background was Miami Bass Music, Heavy Metal, Underground HipHop, and Techno.  Building things is nothing new to me since I have built speakers, competition sound systems in cars, and concert speakers as a hobby and obsession since I was a young boy.  My father was also a sound freak, building speakers, amplifiers, and even the crossovers as a young man in the Philippines.  So as I grew the love for sound, my father not only encouraged me, but fueled my desires by showing me how to build speaker cabinets.

1999 was the year that I got into Drum and Bass.  Ghozt took me to “Guerilla Warfare” at the fox theatre in Pomona and it was over after that show.  I never heard that type of aggressive sound with massive amounts of bass.  I was hooked, so much that I opened up a guitar center credit card to buy $3500 dollars worth of equipment just to make DnB.  From 1992-2011 I have moved 4 times and all those 4 times I built a make shift studio either in the bedroom or living room.  Now I bought a legit house with a converted garage, so now I am building a studio that I have been waiting for almost 19 years.  The studio will include:

Cubase 6 with DAW

Komplete Ultimate 8 + Machine 1.7

Renoise 2.7.2

Edirol UA-101 32-Bit 8in8out soundcard

Event Asp8 Studio Monitors

Synthesizers: Roland JX-305, Roland SH-201, Yamaha SU 700, Yamaha An 200

Rane TT56 w/ Technic 1200’s, M-447’s and Serato……

Stay Tuned for more updated pics..


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