Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!


Time for “The PEOPLE” to ZONE back in and get in tune to the VIBEz of the A-SIDE. Masaki Miyagawa, aka AKAIDA (@akaider) of Akaider TV, DISSIZIT, and new lead contributor to RB’s Jungle Journalist Swat Team, pushes to make his party “more about the people than the music.” Akaida aims to bring a timely balance of people’s awareness and connections with each other and the proper vibes music in play this Sunday, July 1st, at The Airliner. In these hype wars where over-the-salary-cap-like talent bills battle for dominance and have participants solely fixed on the latest lineup release, you can just zone back in this coming Sunday. No need for escapism. Forget about that place you and many others run to in the midst of muse and party materialization. Just stay right in thick of it all and be proud to witness what’s going to go down at the A-SIDE this weekend. I believe “REAL” is always refreshing in this time and age and these are the type of vibes that WILL materialize at this party. So why run and escape from what we’ve always been looking for? Welcome a new balance…then step in and go with the flow. Just know Akaida and his select contributors have plenty of experience cultivating this recipe from on-stage as well as living it as an element in the masses. Be in tune to a REAL Experience.

Catch a proper mixture of seasoned and up&coming talent at A-SIDE:

South Rakkas Crew (Mad Decent, FL)
Go Hard or Go Home (RDX) VIDEO – South Rakkas Crew

Ryo Vibes
Ryo Vibes LIVE @ La Cita, 04/12

Anacron (LA Breakers)
Anacron – Bounce, Rock, Roller Skate LIVE @ The Terrace

Also appearing on Radiobomb on KPFK 90.7fm, LA before A-SIDE is TABU (Refuge Crew) & Tibet (Tasty Crates). Friday night afterhours/early Saturday morn, 06/30, 4a -6a, also on 98.7fm SBarb, 93.7fm SD & LIVESTREAM @ kpfk.org
Tabu’s Refuge Crew will be providing the soundtrack for the Jungle vs. Bboyizm goin on in preparation for the 1 on 1, $100 cash prize Bboy Battle.


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