Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!


  • The End of week decompression zone for Las Vegas’ Bass Music Community. weekly guests including our talented rotating residents as well as national talent playing the sounds of Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Glitch Hop , Drumstep and other varieties of Bass music to make you wind your waist. Confess your sins as you take in the Bass. Located @ the King’s Room Inside the Rio Hotel & Casino

    This week, Vegas legend Hellnegative!!

    BIO: Starting out looking up to his Brother who was always involved in the rave scene and trying to recreate the sound coming from his mix tapes, HellNegative started by learning pure turntablism with Hip Hop & Hardcore before finding his love for Drum & Bass, his music soon took him all over the Midwest, but the two cities he gives most respect to for getting his career going are Cincinnati & Las Vegas. Also known for dropping Tearout/Florida Breaks, Us Hard house, even Gabber & Breakcore, HellNegative’s aggressive tracks and hard hitting bass are sure to please. With releases across various labels including Underground Area, Mechanical Advantage, TechnoMoshpit, Rockers, and Dirt Lies Audio he continues to push the boundaries of hardcore influenced bass music.
    As an up and coming success, HellNegative has played all over the South West (Nevada, Arizona, Southern California), Midwest (Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Michigan, Illinois), North West (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Canada (Saskatchewan, British Columbia).


    And recent transplant from LA, we’d like to give a very warm welcome to DJ Miyuki!!!

    BIO: She is the uncontained, unbridled spirit of a storm, a storm running unruly through Los Angeles confines. No more are the ultra-vi-skies that leave our city’s angels sun-kissed by rays. No longer is the reign of iconic palm-lined streets drenched in droplets of sun. A Storm has come. Darkness has reclaimed its turf and started a new chapter for Night, beginning with curtains falling on the beautiful sunset. Miyuki Yamaguchi or DJ Miyuki is that spirit of a storm, untamed and unrelenting. In the clutches of Night, a courtship with Darkness is present. Miyuki’s courtship with the Dark unleashes the menacing sounds of the beast – the beast within her turbulent storm. She is a Violent Venus enslaved by the Drums of War. “There’s a WAR goin on outside, no JUNGLIST is safe from. You could run but you can’t hide forever, from these streets, that these DRUMS took….” 

    Whether she brandishes vinyl venoms Miyuki is ready for Junglist Warfare. Her mixes get busy with brass knuckled beats and run these clubs like bullies on the block. The sweet selections she plays are like symphonies and soundtracks to cyclones in mosh-pits. When Miyuki goes hard, her sound is flagrant and hostile – a West Coast Killa to the End. Entrenched in LA, like sawed-offs to a front seat passenger, Miyuki’s connection to underground culture started at the young age of 12. Inspired by a diverse range of music (break beat techno, hardcore, jungle, hip-hop, industrial, heavy metal, trip-hop, ambient, deep and progressive house) she also explored the artforms of Graffiti and B-girl-ism. Battling in underground break circles at many raves and parties, Miyuki repped for VOLTRON CREW from ’96 – ’01. During this period, she started a record collection and finally took her vinyl to the Tech-12s in ’97. She started with Jungle/Drum and Bass and never looked back. Early on, Miyuki developed her aptitude in mixing, garnering inspiration from L.A. legendary DJs, Miyuki remained active in her artforms and the underground scene, and eventually was recruited by N2o Records in 1998,Og Nate Shimizu. This motivated her immensely, as N2o Records at the time was the same powerhouse label of several LA O.G. DJs that inspired her – R.A.W. and Oscar the Grouch. Miyuki finally landed her first two residencies in 2003. She was drafted by Phoenix Orion’s Konkrete Jungle Los Angeles (2003) and Radiobomb on KPFK – 90.7fm. She played as a resident and shared nights with featured guests like R.A.W. and Daddy Kev at KJLA (2003) and DJs Q-Bert and Rhettmatic on KPFK. As her name gained notoriety as the vinyl clad, vinyl totting dominatrix on the decks, her tough and also emotion evoking sounds fueled the rising scene. Miyuki gained narrative depth in her sets as each set contained a musical storyline. The “Quiet Storm” in her was exposed as deep, emotional facets of the mix became apparent to audiences through her selections and sequences. She began spinning other varieties eventually leading her to electro, ghetto house, 80’s bass, breaks and hip-hop. Miyuki later also had runs as resident DJ at Soundwaves, Audio Asylum (A.I.U), and Samurai Sundaze. Her signature mystique boldly embedded her as a fixture in the Los Angeles music scene. Known for her risqué photo shoots and for being one of the toughest, often dark and often heavy, havok-causing drum&bass DJs in LA, Miyuki was making some favorable noise in the scene. This led to her sets moving masses and running ruckus at many major LA events such as Respect, Function, LA Beatdown, I Love LA, Timeless and many more. Miyuki has shared the bill alongside such names as Tech Itch, Empress, SPL, Dylan, Infiltrata, CRS, Spor and Robyn Chaos to name just a few. 

    With civilization either marching into an apocalyptic end of days or into a fantastic revival and new age, 2012 provides Miyuki a steady course to further REP OUR SOUND. Today, Miyuki still holds her residency at Radiobomb (radiobomb.fm, facebook.com/radiobombfm) on KPFK – 90.7fm, Los Angeles (98.7fm Santa Barbara, 93.7fm N. San Diego, 99.5 Ridgecrest/China Lake, streaming live worldwide @ kpfk.org). Radiobomb is the longest running, one and only BASS music show on the Los Angeles FM dial playing on the airwaves since 2003. Miyuki is a resident DJ and also produces “Venus Wars,” a femme fatale focused DJ series on the radio show. The special series highlights the female “Mighty Aphrodite” DJs in the scene that have been contributing to the music and its advancement. Radiobomb has broadcasted the spirit and legacy of drum and bass, dubstep, and other unorthodox sounds with guests like Kenny Ken, Hive, Evol Intent, MC Biggie, D-Styles, Tech Itch, Junglist Platoon, Twisted Individual, R.A.W., Taxman, Empress, MC ?, Breakage, Faust & Shortee, CRS?, APX1, Crissy Criss, and General Malice.

    Much like the ferocity of her Storm and the potent sounds of the beast within, Miyuki is passionate about her city’s scene. She is proud of her early foundation in Los Angeles Underground Culture and the valuable lessons she’s learned along the way. Miyuki is sincere and sentimental about the relevant place music has in her life and everyone else’s. For now, DJ Miyuki’s purpose is clear : YES, to deliver punishment but also to Reflect Emotion in your mix, meaning, reflecting the DJ’s own emotion and drawing from the audience as well. Miyuki definitely orchestrated these emotional passages in her textured mixes. Even the hardest, roughest mixes still were crackin’ whips on avid audio slaves. No need to worry though, Miyuki won’t be loosening the grip on the whip any time soon. When DJ Miyuki is behind the turntables releasing the ruckus from her fingertips, she always packin’ whips……cuz its definitely ON and CRACKIN’! 
    So if your deep in the conflict…Deep in the savage lands of beastly beats and you suddenly notice the troops on the frontlines of Speaker-Central and Rollin’ BASS HQ are just about ready to whirlpool and get daft with conviction….don’t start throwin’ ‘bows and going berzerk yourself just yet…..you may want to look up and notice this Ninja Assassin deep in her mix, deep in the tactics..all while she’s wearing a patent leather outfit, rockin’ stilettos, and accompanied by a rowdy entourage to boot….lock in your radar….it’s DJ Miyuki…simply KILLIN’ IT on the decks, and LIVIN’ IT in the Trenches….”There’s a WAR going on outside, no JUNGLIST is safe from…..”






    Doors open @ 10:30
    Local ID FREE 21+
    Drink specials & free giveaways


    Supported by :
    JELLI 96.7 FM

    Dub Church
    3700 W Flamingo rd, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Not everyone has let dub step into their lives, but for those that have there is a place of worship. Bass lovers can spend their Sundays at Dub Church rejoicing to the sound system that was custom built for Prince. Put on your bass face kids, because this feel good party is designed to make you dance and decompress. (Read more about DUB CHURCH in this Sinner Magazine Article)

3700 W Flamingo rd, Las Vegas, Nevada


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