Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

DEFIANT in the Face of Doom



With Doomsday-Sayers amassing multiple years’ worth of survival stockpile & armament in their underground compounds and parading their preparedness on Nat Geo, what else looms before the hyped and anticipated Mayan mathematics add up? Can we RE-count the recent occurrence of Floridian face defilement, as the onset of a Zombie Nation? An extreme global real play (no longer virtual play once mortal flesh, tissue, & blood became the 3 main food groups) that all the COMICON, Resident Evil junkies fantasize over. Bring on the impending DOOM, finales & fatalities, f’real. We all know the breakdown is way off when it comes to fucked up stories compared to uplifting & inspiring reports that get aired, but will that ever change? We keep getting these stories like the Arkham type INSANITY that went down in a Colorado movie theater last month. The audiovisuals keep bleeding thru our screens and speakers with no end. It’s like a cycle that feeds itself: We watch & nourish it with attention so more stories arise and we keep feeding it. With so many negative headlines of the sort and around the clock coverage of the latest WTSHTF news, absorbing any of this to the gut can’t be good. Then all this Doom talk is just icing on the media’s cake. Talk about having it and eating it too…these muvvflukaz. Anyways, for one who has had the most heartbreaking, life-changing month (Willis Edward Veluz-Abraham – RIP 07/14/12) to date in my adult life, let me just say, “We aint FUCKEN goin’ out like that.” That’s a tribute to my brother-in-law, or should I say Brother-in-Life, who just passed. Will was a life embracing & FEARLESS individual to the end, who gave LIFE his all. With doom waiting at the bend in the road, he died happy doing what he loved. I can only wish the same for all of us. I envision the rest of my #RadioMOB welcoming “The END” like ol’ Radiobomb documentarian, Hawkfinn & I did at the break of the new 2000 millennium. Six hours before the ball dropped in NYC and Prince’s “Rave Un2 The Year 2000,” pre-taped performance was to air there, Hawk & I were already wayyyy into “partying like it’s 1999.” We were positioned nicely under the fully lit Eiffel Tower in Paris with as Ronin Red (one of the original founders of Radiobomb) would call it, this glorious night’s rent-a-crew unit. Luckily for Hawk & I, most of the crew consisted of Athenas, Diana Huntresses, and attractive Aphrodites. Prior to that luck or as the crew ladies would call it, “favor from the gods,” we ended up hailing a last minute cab and barely making it to the Parisian monument. Due to the opportune list of circumstances, the cab driver hiked up the fee to $40 for a 2 mile voyage. See, they had “Released the Krakens” on the eve of the new millennium and made public transportation free for the night. This newly found freedom caused a NYE gridlock on the subways. As a result of the teeming waves of party participants from across the globe in Paris at the time, it was getting blocked up and stacked on the trains, platforms, and corridors. We tried to use our youth and agility to our advantage down below but got nowhere, no place, in no time soon. So if not for the flight of that PAID Pegasus, these two “zero-zero-reset” cynics would have welcomed Y2K in the “Le Metro” underworld, crammed like sardines without the extra olive oil but still in 2000 funk. Not year 2000 but seemingly more like 2000 til Infinity count on Europeans & tourists & such. And me & Hawk weren’t about to explore the Europeans vs. Deodorant myth in a ridiculously crowded metro station at the time. So instead, I reached the Towering Titan, not with the head of Medusa or a mechanical owl, but with a digital doom defying Hawk & two fresh, still chilled bottles of national spirit & beverage – the prestigious, “Champagne du magasin d’alcools coin!” Otherwise known on me & Hawk’s intersection of Van Nuys & Nordhoff in the wise & enduring neighborhood of Panorama City, as “Sum dranx from da corner…” We drifted the night away with a pack of Greek goddesses sharing “dranx” & good luck kisses, with the words of “Bonne Année (Happy New Year in French),” rolling freely to every friend and stranger alike. While all the time both our middle fingers were still raised in dissonance towards all the doomsday hype, jeering at WTF ever happened to that “millennium bug?” That was amazing for the changing of the millennium guard, but this year will be different. This year, I want to stay local and absorb all the family time I can get especially with the new void we’re all feeling. That would be my happiness now just like the happiness I felt in 2000…rovin’ & ravin’ with my “Chinois” brotha thru Paris & Amsterdam. Living arts, culture, golden era beats and bass in a new unexplored place for all kinds of #RadioMOB tomfoolery (get it Huck, uh Hawk, TOMfoolery?). All of this at the turn of a new millennium is definitely historic and epic in all regards. I guess it just comes down to…Whatever makes you Happy, Seek It. THIS is how I want to go out. I want to be Victorious in my happiness in doing and being where I want to be. Really, it can’t get any simpler said than the axiom that’s synonymous with those wings of victory beaming on that pair of kicks, “JUST DO IT.” Whether I seek it here or there or in a mixture, I want to be happy at “The End” of it all. Whether it’s with Family, with Friends, with that Bass & with that Boom, stay FOREVER & ALWAYS…DEFIANT in the face of doom. Seek happiness & fear NOTHING. Love you & miss you, Kuya…by mc ghozt




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