Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

ARJAYSNOISE: Featured Artist October 2012


Name:   RJ Hirzel

Dj/Producer Name:  ArjaysNoise

City & Country Located in: Garden Grove California, USA

Cyber Locations:




Affiliations: Those one Kids (A project with me and my buddy Adam Warnick), Terrorform Records


Real names RJ Hirzel, 22 years young, resident of beautiful Garden Grove California, I’m just your average kid with a knack for making some wild sounds. Love all genres of EDM, and strive to constantly progress in all aspects of music. Currently ArjaysNoise is getting tracks played all over the world from 90.7 KPFK RadioBomb to filth.fm. I have no plans on slowing down anytime soon! I’m addicted to music and all the magic it brings. Going to be releasing my first EP “oh hey what’s up” December 2012. Expecting big things J

• How would you describe the type of music you produce?

I would describe it as real raw, pretty straight forward style of music, high energy.   I’m  constantly trying out new stuff so the music’s kind of jumping around right now, I’ve been making tracks off all genres, from drum and bass to moombahton, but BASS is always present. I just love shaking sh*t haha. EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has too much to offer to keep myself labeled to a certain type of sound or music. I want to make everything!

• How did you get into making music?

Went to a show when I was 18 saw the way the DJ was controlling the crowd and knew it was for me. Started to DJ,  shortly after realized in order to make it in the industry I’d have to learn to produce.   Started to make beats in my Grandmas computer room, just making whatever sounds I could.  Started on Fl.8 I think. I just made beats for me and my homies, kept at it, kept progressing, had a lot of support from my family and friends and city Garden Grove! My parents were super cool about me making music, like always supporting, not minding me rattling the house, and always posting tracks on their FB’s and stuff, so that probably had the biggest role in me making music today.  And Having friends that were musically incline was a big help as well, like Jason Yoast a MC from Cypress Ca and Adam Warnick another producer from Garden Grove. We never really took anything too serious, just made music cause it was the most fun f*%kin thing to do. I Started getting DJ support from different DJ’s across the map, so it pushed me to focus and stay driven towards my music. Once I got my first taste of success I was addicted to making a name for myself! Still am! 😉

• Who are your artist that influenced you the most and why?

I’m influenced by a grip of artist in all genres. But to name a few in EDM, 12t planet, Flinch, Knife Party, Kill the Noise, anybody bringing that high energy level is really influential in my work. But the originality of artist like Atmosphere, Sublime, Jimi Hendrix, Eyedea, Bob Marley, The Doors, influenced me to stay true to what I like to hear. Really I’m influenced by anyone doing their thing and keeping it real!

• What equipment do you use to produce? What do you like about it the most?

Right now for hardware I’m using the Akai mpd26, the M-audio axiom pro, Native Instruments maschine, and for monitor the M-audio Bx5’s. I really like the axiom pro really responsive, great if you actually play the keys, of if you’re just trying to learn. And since it’s a midi I can play anything from grand piano to the sharpest synth out there. It’s a lot of fun! For software I’m all over  the place, I use Ableton live for my DAW,  started on Fruity Loops made the transition a few months ago, and loving it. For synths I always seem to find myself back at Massive, FM8 or sylenth. They are just the most versatile ones I’ve found out there. And seems to be the most frequently used, makes it more simple when you colab with other artists, But for organic sounds I like to try everything. The Kontact 4 sounds are pretty legit. I like to use a sampler too! , that can be real fun too. I also like to plug my buddy Josh Rudnick’s electric drums into Ableton and have him drum it out live. Sounds sick having live instruments in the mix!

  • How do you create a track? Can you describe how you start a track, and then how do you finish it?

I like to go into a track with a general idea or a genre in mind. I usually like to start with a drum loop, searching from some proper drum samples is key. I either draw out the loop on ableton or I’ll mess around with the akai mpd, or the maschine. Try to find something up my ally. After I see where the drums are going ill usually engineer some synths so I can see the vibe of the track. Then ill play around with melody.  Then ill dial in the effects like white noise , big hits, ect. As far as finishing it I am satisfied with a track when it has a vibe of its own.

  • From a mixdown/mastering point of view, can you give one technique on how you make your tracks sound so good?

For mastering I’ve been using isotope ozone 4 , and I love it! I like to use the paragraphic equalizer, and the loudness maximizer. on the loudness maximizer I turn the margin db to -.3 and my threshold down to somewhere from -12 to -10. I turn the DC offset filter on, and turn the dirthering on to the mbit+ mode, and that will make it compete with the tracks on beatport and itunes and all that good stuff. On the EQ I just like to set my highs to 4000Hz and 8000hz then boost them 1db. It’ll help out a bit. Also do the same with the low end at 55hz and 110hz. That way it will give you can feel it in your chest and stomach.

• What are your ultimate goals in terms of musically?

My goals as of now are to keep growing as an artist, to stay true to the music I believe in and enjoy. Keep it real with my fans, represent for my city, ultimately I am trying to take my music to the next level and live the dream of touring the world and doing what I love!


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