Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

“BraappZilian Series” – Installments 1 & 2 by JJST!

Outside the cityscapes of a Brazilian region that is still roughly half amazon rainforest, the reaching tendrils of jungle/drum & bass expand & persist only to embrace its surroundings. As we embrace our sound back, it is within these clutches that influences inspire so new influences can be born. Its elementary JUNGLE survival when it comes down to it. Whether in the thick tropical foliage or in dense concrete habitats, evolution & advancement is the key. And so as these persisting tendrils stretch onward again over the wide global sphere, our sound’s existence and survival is augmented in “The Movement.”. In appreciation for its influences within “The Movement,” Jungle JournaliZM SWAT TEAM lead contributor and frequent Sao Paolo excursionist, AKAIDA (Akaider TV, DISSIZIT), utilized his own dnb tendrils of networks to help form Radiobomb’s “BraappZilian Series.” With Skype Snyping swiftness, AKAIDA reached out to a few of the old homies on the Brazilian block, friends he’d made during his half dozen visits to Sao Paolo. After a few emails and Snype sessions, the artists for Installments 1 & 2 were locked in.

Level 2 (V Recordings, Liquid V, V Chronic) ushered in the first installment of Jungle JournaliZM Swat Team’s “BraappZilian Series” with a radiomix that included several of his own tunes and a couple more from other artists (Critycal Dub) in the Sao Paolo production camp. Installment 2 has DJs Chap & Andrezz (Innerground, Liquid V, V Chronic Recordings) teaming on a mix and further reinforcing the goal of this series: To accentuate the musical contours influencing and playing out from Sao Paolo, Brazil’s substantial drum&bass scene. Radiobomb is excited about the release of future installments early in 2013.


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