Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

BLUSZCZ: Featured Artist February 2013

BLUSZCZ was chosen for this months artist because of his unique style that is very reminiscent of the old jungle/drum & bass at the infancy of this genre of music.  The tracks that I listened to had the old techno, rave scene samples along with an uptempo drum and bass beat. Here take a listen an you will see what I am talking about.

untitled-14 Photo by:   Laura Burbaite http://www.lauraburbaite.com/

Name  "bluszcz" - (in Polish it means 'ivy').  

1. Right now I am located in Spain (Catalunia) - city Barcelona.

2. Cyber locations (nomad style ;)
 * Warsaw
 * Copenhagen
 * Paris
  * Malaga

3. Description of my music

I describe my music as "Minimal groovy emo bass music" - which explains my sympathy for minimalism, grooves and bass drops, 
but expressing emotions as well.

4. How I got into this thing?

I got into the music producing as most of us, as teenager (I was 13 I think?), well, starting with Commodore Amiga 600 and 
Protracker application. First productions were 'experimental', but later I was going more and more into hard ares (gabba, 
and some jungle).Later I switched to the "Digibooster" on Amiga, and later I got PC, with Linux. On my Linux laptop I met 
Renoise tracker and it introduced me to the all DSP /  VST thing. I went further, got energyXT (also on Linux) which allowed
 me to stop looking on music in tracker way and learn 'normalized' horizontal orientation. So I got one Windows box, 
and purchased Cockos Reaper for it... Was kind of cool, but I was still with Renoise mostly, using Reaper just to finish the 
tracks... One day I bought Launchpad to improve my Renoise workflow. Woooh.Launchpad got included free version of Live. I 
installed it. Then, madness started in real. Getting Ableton came in same moment as signing papers for my separation. Very 
quickly replaced my Intro with full Live 8.  Ableton was like, you know, like nothing else. Of course - it sucks a lot 
(has fucked routing, not really flexible, only two channels - no support for 5.1 and so), but still - you can't really beat 
workflow of Ableton.

5. Producing a track

Technically, it was changing during the time. Last year I got into the live collaboration thing (I will write about it more 
regarding gears which I use). But before getting the gear, there is always idea of the tune. "Something had to happen" - 
it could be anything, but strong enough to be not able to put it outside of your head.Having the story in my head, I am 
trying to express it via music. So, 'Cursed' is about alienation and depression, 'Fear of grandmal' about dying, 'Four 
seasons of love', you know ;), and "Primavera oscura" about dark sides of the spring... And 'abuse me on 13th floor' was 
my reaction after working again for shitty corporation... So, when idea is complete - I get a gear, it is usually Ableton in 
sesion view.  I make some melodic clips (manually, I hardly use loops), few beat loops and play with them.  When I like my 
idea - I expand it to the arrangement view and play with it as a full song. Well, 
sometimes I am getting involved in different projects - like music for this trial:


6. Equipment 

Well, since music is not the thing I am living on - I am going lowcost.

Right now I am using:

Audio: monitors: KRK 5, Maudio AV 40, audio interaces: Alesis Multi 4 Mixer, Traktor Audio
DAW: Ableton, Renoise, Cockos Reaper, energyXT, Traktor (it is fun to make scratches but also sync it to Ableton), 
Pure Data HW:  Windows 7 Laptop PC i5 + Mac Mini i5, mobile LG l7 Optimus (to synchronize as master all connected 
via WIFI MIDI computers)Plugins: Massive, NI Razor, Blue Cat MultiFreq Analyzer, Z3TA+2, Synthmaster 2.5, TRacks 
Standard, Loomer Sequent, LFO Tool, TAL Plugins (Noisemaker and more), Dune CM (but also other excellent freebies 
from Computer Music Magazine)  MIDI: Akai LPK25, Korg NanoKontrol, Novation Launchpad, Reloop Mixage DJ Controller 
(for Traktor)Other software: for jamming / playing with other dudes we synchronise our computers over Ethernet MIDI 
(works with windows as RTPMidi).

Having all these equipment allows me to freely experiment - depends if I feel more like "Ableton" or I have some 
wicked idea which needs 'carefully crafting' 
with Renoise tracker interface.

7. Tips:

 *) spectrum analyzers and stereo 'goniometers' are always a winner!
 *) get some music theory - it always help
 *) templates have unlimited power - for example my default Ableton template contains by default EQ for subbass, 
380Hz cut for drums, default 'verse/chorus' structure in arragment view and more. 
 *) reuse your work - depends which gear you use - in Ableton organize your plugins / effects in Racks
 *) there is a lot of good free plugins - just try them (like excellent TAL http://kunz.corrupt.ch/ plugins)
 *) if you need commercial plugins - there are always discounts, most massive one in summer and winter (I got all my 
plugins on discounts, saving more than 80%)
 *) make it social fun - invite two friends with laptops, some girls, start with few beats and simply gated bassline 
- checking how girls bounce with your beats gives you imagination how track will be perceived later
 *) if you are really into underground, important one! Do not fuck with police (too much), hehe. If they are coming 
and telling you to "close the party" - "just do it". You don't want see your gears flying around the place or get a hit ;)
 *) it is nice to have a spliff before production or a performance - just don't get too much - you still need to be 
DAW operator!
 *) master your DAW, tools and plugins - your power is not presented in amount of gear which you own, but more how much 
you are able to squize them!

8. My musical goals...

Well, you know. I am not aiming for living of music. My goal is not also be the 'famous' one - I really feel sorry 
sometimes seen all these young kids trapped into the music bussines machinery. Personally I tried once time with one 
record label, and it was only mess and waste of time. You know, for guy who already kind of succeed in one area (my 
software development) - it looks bit insane this machinery. 

So I think, it would be correct to say that I want stay close to music, without any compromises :) Right now I have 
small music colletive friends around and we are learning how to work togehter live - you know, play music live - not 
clips - just play live organic music with computers. I feel that I am a bit contagious - like virus spreading music 
around. It makes me feel happy and satisfied. What do I need more? :)

On the other side, I started slowly producing tools to optimise my work flow - I hope I will launch soon community 
portal for Ableton/Renoise users. Maybe some VST plugin development. I would like to explore more visualisation over 
MIDI and similar stuff. I need more time for Pure Data (which is open source implementation of MAX idea).

If our collective music will be working nice and my music software projects will get some crowd - we will thing about 
opening some music label...

9. Influences

Wow, there is a lot.

* movies: everything of Cronenberg
* ost movie composers: Clint Mansell, Cronos Quarter, Howard Shore
* Clan of Xymox, Cure, X Mal Deutchland, Noisia, Dub Elements, Black Sun Empire, Ellen Allien, Mala, Digital Myskitz, 
Fritz Kalkbrenner, DK Brothers and more....

Why them? Dark, hard, unconscious...

Photo by:  Louis Issac - Abelton One

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