Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!



Radiobomb would like to thank our local and worldwide community of artists, promoters, and listeners, old and new that have supported us in our mission here at KPFK, 90.7fm Los Angeles. What started here 10 years ago this month of February would not have been possible without all of your participation. You have been instrumental in our mission of providing and exposing this beautiful sound of jungle, drum & bass, and all other sounds unorthodox in dubstep, hip-hop, glitch, experimental & bass music overall. We have been blessed and privileged to continue playing and reporting for this CULTURE that is such an inspiring movement in all our lives. We are immensely grateful to our home station KPFK Los Angeles & Pacifica Radio for providing a local avenue on the fm airwaves and internationally online ultimately leading to a decade of beats and bass. The whole Radiobomb Team is excited to celebrate 10 years of airtime this late Friday night/early Saturday morning and a whole year of dedicated shows and events. Please tune in and join us for we’re all in this together now….

Artists featured on Radiobomb over the past 10 years: Visionary Underground, Rhettmatic, APX-1, Machete, ERS-1, Drone, Tech Itch, Inyoung, CRS?, RAW/6 Blocc/Skankx, DJ Qbert, Czorhands & J-Spins, Kenny Ken, Clutch, Scooba, Heavy Hittahz, Silver, DJ Meche, Simply Jeff, U-Ome, AMC, Supah Cardioid, Trasha, N*tro, Gridlok, MC Questionmark, General Malice, Narcotica, Hazen, Syrena, HIVE, Tony K, MC Kemst, Whizard, Deacon, Phear, Deco, MC Biggie, Origin, D-Styles, Majestee, Meanstreak, Peligro, Breakage, Step Correct, DLX, Genetix, XXXL, 303 Abuse, Knick of EVOL INTENT, Slyten, Pawn, Mok & Rusta, Flip, Tha WaxMunkiez, Ketek, Nongenetic of the Shadowhuntaz, Frayed Knot, MC Bypass, Cassein, Baseck, Empress, International Playboy Zen, Lunalita, Arcade, Trouble, Maximum Moves, DJ Pleasure, Sonic D, Mistah Lex, Rockspin, DJ Evol, Twisted Individual, Sense, Pablo Hassan, Dip Vertigo, MC Deco-Comprehension, Faust & Shortee, Phers-1, Daemia, Fiend, Divine Elements, AK-47, Snacky Chan, Circuit, Seebass, Genr8, Tabu, DJ K-Sly, Jason, D-Dub, Flowah, Fishe, Roxanne, Enson Crusha, Droid Behavior, Icey Ice, Phrantek, Construkt, Jahwy, US Marshall, DJ Swamp, KURU, Jo-S, DJ Relm, Jaquim Bamaca, MC J-Tec, Eva, Adamantium, Mirsch, Calculon, Critycal Dub, Level 2, Emu, GYU Assassin, DJ Blue, DJ Mayo, NoFace, Vegas Banger, Satin, Nomad, DJ Chap, Andrezz, Serjah9 aka Overcast, MC Kayaman, Taxman, Crissy Criss, Rollz, Taurus Scott, Demonslayer, Neuropunk, Mordrum, Iron Butterfly, Slogun, Habit, Just B, High Noon, Tibet, Whisper, Ashriser, Reid Speed, Folix & Back-up, Sub Daymon, The Chiller, Demonone, Julie G, Jake the Rippah, Josif, Shadowsniper, Artonious Tsetsuna, Beaker aka Beak Nasty

Check out past flyers here:





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