Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

JACK HAYS: Featured Artist April 2013

Heavenly Blue,  this  song was written on guitar years ago by Liza.. so I don’t want to take credit for the original composition. As a dj, that was my interpretation of her song which I’ve always loved, and we worked on it together. Some of Liza’s major influences include The Boswell Sisters, Nina Simone, the Cure, Dresdon Dolls, Elvis Costello, Guided by Voices, and many more. The link to our former band, Ana-Vey, is http://www.myspace.com/anaveyband

l_(1)JACK HAYS was chosen for this months FEATURED ARTIST because of his diverse production of various styles of bass music, from electronic to hiphop to pop to trap to dubstep production.  His use of sound and his various works with vocalist LIZA has created a unique and original sound that dabbles between underground to mainstream.

Dj/Producer Name: Jack Hays

City & Country Located in: Pittsburgh, PA 

Cyber Locations: Aro (Jack Hays)

Affiliations: unsigned artist

• How would you describe the type of music you produce?
My music is primarily glitchy dubstep and trap although I do produce some “pop-ish” songs with a former bandmate of mine, Liza Georgiana.  She was my vocalist in a 3 piece band we had called Anavey (I produced hip hop beats for the band and played guitar/banjo… it was an oddball jazz trio), and I’ve sampled her a lot in Aro songs.. she has also been recording new material with me.  I’ve naturally always made darker sounding songs with a very ominous feel. I love when a song sound a bit off kilter and mysterious and drops you off somewhere you didn’t expect to end up. I naturally have always incorporated this element into my guitar playing and its carried over to producing. I think thats what attracts me most to producers like Datsik, Excision, Skrillex, etc… It’s that dark element that bursts into some mind blowing groove… that’s what does it for me.

Liza Georgiana

Liza Georgiana

• How did you get into making music?
I’ve played guitar since I was a kid, and I’ve been in and out of bands my whole life. A couple of the bands had moderate success, winning battle of the bands competitions (studio time) and opening for many national acts. I really only got into the EDM stuff a couple years ago. The heavy dubstep stuff pulled me in, and I put down the guitar and picked up the laptop.. I’ve not gone back since..lol
• Who are your artist that influenced you the most and why?                      I have many influences.. from eery old school Andrew Bird and Tom Waits stuff.. to metal/nu metal bands of the 90’s like System of a Down and Clutch… However, since I’ve started producing, I listen to almost exclusively EDM, and my obsession at the moment is Datsik’s new Cold Blooded release. I also love all things Sonny Moore, Feedme, Kill the Noise, etc… There are also some local artists here in Pittsburgh who I listen to frequently, including RSK.

• What equipment do you use to produce? What do you like about it the most?
I have a very minimal set up. I use a couple PC’s, primarily my Toshiba laptop, with Cubase 6 and Native Instruments Komplete as my main composing tools. I will sometimes use an m-audio midi controller (I have many) to jot down ideas, but it seems that I’m more likely to just draw in my melodies anymore. I use a Vestax VCI-100 midi controller with Traktor pro for my dj’ing set up.72239_592208482782_256937_n

• What are your ultimate goals in terms of musically?
I’ve spent most of the past couple years just learning and writing in my home studio, and I’d like to get out and start playing more shows. I have about 4 tracks I’m working on right now that are almost complete, and then I plan to get out and share all this music I’ve compiled to bigger audiences. I hope to collaborate with local dj’s to gain more exposure and to grow my web presence as well.


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