Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

2 Part VID of 2 Radio Shows on 2 Different Stations, UNIFIED Under 1 MOVEMENT. This is…..”ALLIED AIR.”

With the stately Loyola Marymount University bell tower acting as a twin beacon along with the skyward pointing transmitter above Malone Student Center, we mobbed our way through the campus night. Our targeted destination: 4th floor, Malone. This was to be our point of take-off. The highly acclaimed Institution of Higher Learning at LMU was to be our site to take off and bomb from the skies, transmitting invisible waves through the air. Invisible waves undetectable by sight but surely felt by the earth underneath. All it took was the push of a button, flip of a switch, or crank of a knob. Match any of these “tuned in” combinations to a devout audiophile’s golden ratio of sound and BOOM! Mission accomplished. City blocks are getting rocked and the ground beneath their feet would rumble. It could even possibly lead to the intercepting sound of “Woop! Woop! That’s the sound of da….” Okay, it could…but even that sound can’t stop this Movement for Movement. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually we draw from the Sound to move and inspire us in such ways, EVERYDAY. That right there is a force that can’t be contained, restricted, or stopped. With our Alliance being two of the only shows on LA’s fm dial to uphold the freeform and radical sounds of bass music, we just can’t help but smile at the thought. This Coalition is composed of Mystic Pete and Radiobomb and we are….”ALLIED AIR.”



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