Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

NOVAKANE: Featured Artist May 2013

NOVAKANE was chosen for this months featured artist because of his sinister sound coupled with ultra clean production and his various forms of techstep, neurofunk, and jungle.  You can definitely hear the his attention to detail and awesome composition of tracks.

Dj/Producer Name:  NovaKaneNovakane

City & Country Located in:  London

Cyber Locations:  Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/NovaKane1) Soundcloud (NovaKane.)


• How would you describe the type of music you produce?

I feel my music is a mix between energetic, heavily synthetic drum n bass, with a mixture of dark, euphoric themes. My music often contains samples which help to bring a specific theme to the track. I often create the music as a form of experimentation with synthesis, and other techniques within audio engineering. I use it as a form of escapism and hopefully the themes within the tracks represent that. Ultimately, the main aim is to tear the listeners face off sonically 😉
Attempts at more chilled out tracks usually mutate into something a bit more savage. 😉

NovakaneStudioPix• How did you get into making music?

I’ve been producing for about 8-9 years now. I used to go raving all weekend every weekend when i was younger, going to nights like Renegade Hardware, One Nation, Therapy Sessions etc. I used want to replicate the dirty sounds i heard. I’ve been going to SAE Institute for 2 years and i’m finishing up my degree. It’s an audio Engineering Uni, and i’ve learnt, and done some pretty cool things there.

• Who are your artist that influenced you the most and why?

The two main artists who i guess have influenced me are Technical Itch for his Dark, Atmospheric aspects, and Also Noisia, who is probably a pretty common choice from the public, but there engineering skills with synthesis, re-sampling and work ethic is second to none in my books.

• What equipment do you use to produce? What do you like about it the most?

I use a suped up Mac Book Pro with Pro-Tools and Logic. I Have a Saffire pro 24 DSp interface with KRK RP8 Monitors (Upgrading to Adam 7x’s soon) I have a Liquid Mix compressor. At uni i use the iconic SSL G+ 4000 mixing desk and various other hardware including the Access Virus Synth. Use software synths such as Massive, Sylenth, Zebra2 and Absynth are used.

• What are your ultimate goals in terms of musically?

My ultimate aims with concerns to sound is to actually produce electronic scores for film. With my Drum n Bass i’m just going to see how things go, continue to push tunes out and hope that bigger labels with approach me.


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