Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

“RB-X Mix Series” sets off with radio resident….AKAIDA!!!


May-2013 welcomes the inception of Radiobomb’s “RB-X Mix Series” with a select mix from our radio resident, AKAIDA. Akaida opens up our YEAR 10 Series with a red-letter ragga jungle mix featuring notable contributions from a collection of artists crossing several continents. Select dubs from HIBIKILLA (JAPAN), RAW & JONNY 5 (LA), LIONDUB (NYC), DIRECT FEED (LBC), TOKEN SELEKTA (GUATEMALA), CRITYCAL DUB (BRAZIL) + more! The exclusive mix is yet again a pure example of the Sound’s boundless reaches and the potent, ever-present movement of ragga jungle.

With much work left to be done within our FM radio movement and at the front lines of the scene, we are very proud to have Akaida on board as a resident DJ and co-host on the show. Akaida is our 2013 addition to the team and has been long involved in the Los Angeles scene. While developing relationships and connections within São Paulo, Brazil’s drum and bass network, Akaida is Radiobomb’s direct liaison to some of the city’s remarkable talent. As a key contributor and Skype-n-Snype specialist of JJST (Jungle Journalism SWAT TEAM), you can listen to some of his interviews, here and here.

Overall, we acknowledge Akaida’s continued work and dedication to the culture and take great pride in having him release the first mix in the series. With the first rotation highlighting our radio residents, look out for future mixes from featured artists throughout the scene as well.


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