Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

EDC-LV 2013 : RB-Xcursion


It’s a MISSION MINDSET. The anticipation has been building up for over a year ever since we broke from desert camp last, last May. I’d have to say, we’re definitely in that MODE again. The mission we share with the other 345,000 expected to be in attendance is that of EDC-LV 2013. Ever since its West Coast exodus to “The City of Sin,” Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas has grown into an annual Mecca and summer highlight for many EDM fanatics. As for the Radiobomb Team, flights are booked, time-off has been arranged, child care is in order, and Regal D has reserved his “Signature”spot. What is about to transpire is a culmination of half a year’s toil in our 9 to 5’s and the countless hours we put in to our 4 to 6. We Work Hard to PLAY HARD.

Radiobomb as a TEAM has got here together, so there was no hesitation at all when Ghozt booked our LV Compound so we could RadioMOB it together as well. A hop, skip & jump away from the speedway awaits RBLV-HQ; a two-story, 4 bedroom compound with enough war room space to put our media center in action and support our sound system bass. Amidst all the assignment and itinerary talk, we’ll be loungin’ out pool and jacuzzi side, wagering it up on the billiards and air hockey, and countin’ on Akaida‘s culinary talents for a first class, majestic spread. In addition to the Radiobomb-5, one of the show’s mentors and founding fathers will be joining us on our exploits this year. “The Drunken Styles Godfather,” Ronin Red will be taking a break from his quest to attain his PHd and will be flying in from Chicago. As the reigning, undisputed “Belvedere Champion” at KPFK, he’s bound to show us how the debauchery is to be done.

With EDC New York and Chicago already under INSOMNIAC ‘s belt and locations – London, Puerto Rico, and Orlando to follow, we are absolutely avid about the festival’s mid-swing dates in Vegas. A later summer scheduling in June makes for more opportune weather and an “All-Out REDEMPTION” in line. We applaud and share Insomniac’s “weather-proof” spirit and congratulate them on their continued success. The proem of EDC London this year is GRAND and takes EDC to even newer heights. BIG!!! Like we said it’s a MISSION MINDSET.

More info on EDC-LV 2013 artists, here.

Radiobomb coverage pics of EDC-LV 2012 by none other than “The Cyclops of LA/LV,” here.





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