Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

RYO: Featured Artist August 2013


RYO was chosen for this months featured artist because his variety of good production.  From Future Jungle, Breaks, HipHop, Downtempo, and beyond, he definitely is representing BASS music and contributing all the way from Greece, big up!

Name: Panagiotis Antonakis

Dj/Producer Name: Cryogenics or Ryo

City & Country Located in: Athens ,Greece







  • How would you describe the type of music you produce?

I like the deep and dark side of music in general; deep pads with dark soundscapes and a good melody. I think that a tune must conceal feelings inside. However this does not mean that I don’t like harder stuff. As far as drum and bass is concerned, I’ m more into the deep/minimal side of the spectrum, the main components being lots of percussions, a very simple drum loop, a haunting good atmosphere and of course BASS. In Future Jungle, the only thing that my tracks have in common is the drums. I like chopping them a lot. Nevertheless, I love making different styles; deep, techy or dancefloor tunes.

  • How did you get into making music?

It was about 1997 if I remember correctly. I had a very good friend in school and he was producing hip hop with FasTracker II! I asked him if he could show me how it’s done. From that moment on I really “stuck” with it. I was making tunes just for fun (my producing equipment and skills were limited at the time). After 3-4 years I had a temporary break and some years later I started to see things differently. I bought a robust pc, monitor speakers and a proper soundcard and started off again to make tunes. To be honest, I didn’t have any help and I was trying to find out how it all works through tutorials and things like that. So, the first years were hard for me.

  • Who are your artist that influenced you the most and why?

Back in the day definitely Rupert Parkes aka Photek!!! It was something I had never heard before. The structure of Photek’s tracks was amazing; beats, basslines, chords, drum edits, everything … (Ni Ten Ichi Ryu, Resolution, U.F.O.  Rings Around Saturn are some of my favourite Photek tracks).

DSC_0815Nowadays, I would say dBridge is my biggest influence!!! The man is a genious. He creates something beyond drum and bass; half-time tempos, minimal beats and percussions, great basslines, deep atmospheres. Quoting ASC: “this is electronic music in 170+ bpm and not drum n bass“.

  • What equipment do you use to produce? What do you like about it the most?

I don’t use hardware. I have an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40Hz pc, a Motu Audio Express soundcard, a pair of Yamaha HS50 and a pair of Samson R8a monitors, an Evolution MK-425C midi controller, my VST plug-ins of course and my DAW is FL Studio 10.  I’m also using Slicex in order to edit my drum loops, NI Massive and 3osc for basslines and for pads or strings I mostly use Absytnh. Generally I could use everything, depending on what I want to do, as long as it produces the results I have in mind.

  • What are your ultimate goals in terms of musically?

Ultimate goals? My goal is to keep making music and trying to express my feelings through music. That’s my ultimate goal. Nowadays, you can make money out of it, but I don’t want to make music crap just to earn some money. So yeah, that’s my goal!!!!


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