Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!


DSC05189 All designs have a scientific principle, acoustic principles, and actual sound quality that make certain designs sound the way they sound.  There isn’t one design that is better then another, just various opinions and personal preferences that individuals have bias towards because of one reason or another.  On that note, the bias that I possess is toward horn loaded enclosures, especially round smooth horns for mids and top designs.  Through personal experience with sound and numerous designs, I can tell you that all system has flaws.  Most horn loaded mids and tops I have encountered are square horns or rectangular.  Many of them have a weird mid range presence, while others are much smoother, but larger and more cumbersome.  Most manufacturers produce sound systems that are the most profitable.  And rightly so, how can you make business if your labor and material cost is high and profit margin is low?  Not a good business plan….  So most individuals have to settle for old, simple designs because the cost of the better engineered cabinets are way to expensive.  After listening to many very good horn loaded systems and building a few of them, I decided to embark on a personal project that is specific to my wants and needs.  My wants and needs is very simple yet very difficult to achieve, it is to produce the closet sound to live instruments as possible with audiophile clarity in a live PA system.  Is that too much to ask?DSC05193

The hypothesis behind the RADIOBOMB SOUND SYSTEM is to combine compact horn loaded designs that have the best possible sound quality and are light and can be stacked as a line array system, flown in a J-array, or pole mounting.   Many people who claim to be well versed in sound have told me that my ideas were impossible.  After 12 years of designing, research, and building many horn loaded systems, I believed that I have found a good combination of this impossible horn loaded tops.  The inspiration came from looking at live instruments and other successful horn loaded systems.  So I am building a circular horn system that flairs into a square horn which is 18 inches long.  It is an MTM system that can go down to 70hz and is 8ohms.  And of course, these tops are less then 50lbs each.  Why are there so many requirements?  It is simple, music has changed and evolved over the past 50 years, so why has speaker design technology have not kept up with that trend?  I believe that this has happened because so many so called experts said it was impossible.  I decided to try it just to prove to myself that I really understand how sound works and how sometimes what people view impossible can actually be true.    Like many scientist have said in the past, “1 test is worth  1000 expert opinions.”  I believe that a good sound system is 95% design and engineering, lets see if this is true.

I have attached a photo of the structure.  If you have noticed I have a circular to square horn, which will be built from fiber glass marine resin.  More photos will be available in the next coming editorials….



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