Droppin' BASS, not BOMBS!!!!

Teaching Ableton Live 9: Irving Magnet School Part 2

Irving LogoAs you know, I believe that we, Irving Magnet School, is the only school in LAUSD, that teaches Ableton Live 9 as an elective.  I have checked other school websites and have not seen any other school that does what we do so far.  I have taught after school clubs how to deejay using turntables and/or hercules rmx plus music production using Cubase and Reason, but never during the actual school day.  As an educator, I know that innovating a program at school is very difficult to do because of all the rules and regulations you have to follow, but what is harder to do is to teach students how to use technology and music theory/arrangement at the same time; especially if they have no musical background.  Saying all that, below I have some examples of student remixes of tracks.  Final mastering software is not available in our class because of budget, but I have been teaching mastering techniques to each student to help enhance their tracks.  Students have been taught how to use compression, limiters, reverb, and equalizing  There is a lot more to teach and learn but students are picking up the program and how music is programmed  and arranged.  These are some of the better productions that have been recorded so far to this point.    Enjoy!!!!


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